OMM Aether Smock is a thin skinny jacket in the form of anorak. The jacket is tailored for rough conditions and excellent for the long hikes in the mountains. OMM also makes a similar pants. The jacket weighs only 195 grams

Water and windproofness

The jacket is very water and windproof. It has extra long arms that extend well beyond the bones and with Velcro fastened around the thumb. The jacket also has a long back that covers the buttock. The jacket has a long neck with a very good adjustable hood that follows the movement of the hip with a rigid brake.


Aether Smock breathes very well. This is an anorak with a zipper in the front that goes from the neck and ends up at the middle of the floor. The zipper has two "locks" and can be opened for airing in both directions.


The jacket is made of light but solid shell, not shaped, has good adjustability in the waist and good wearing. The fabric is soft and comfortable to move in. The zipper has good fingertips and


For walks in the rain and rain, hiking in the mountain with a sack or another amazing jacket and together with the same quality pants you will be able to keep you warm and dry for several days.

That little extra

Extra long arms with "close-strap" around the thumb, long back that covers the buttock, adjustable hood