A 250 kilometer run in 4 Deserts series across the Gobi desert in China.
The Gobi desert is the most wrecked desert in the world. The race went in the terrain northwest of Xinjiang Province. The area is known for its colorful culture in its ethnic minorities and for Djengis Khan.

We were looked after by military personnel (155 soldiers) whose task was to ensure that we as participants followed the route and the regulations and protect us from ... yes, what would it be in the midst of the desert and up in these boundary districts.


  • Rank: 67 / A: 141 / W: 152
  • Bib: 117
  • Overall: 42:13:34

Here's a copy of my blog that was written after each day trip:


01-Jun-2013 05:30:21 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
Then we have come to the day we undergo the last check of equipment and are driven to the first camp. Yesterday it was between 30 and 35 degrees here in the city, so I'm a little nervous about how I deal with the heat for a long time in the desert, where it is also a little warmer. After two days of using salt tablets and electrolytes, I fell asleep for three years after several unprofitable toilet visits where I felt I had to pee. We were again awoken early as we were meeting for briefing at nine o'clock. My backpack now weighs 8.5 kilos, but in addition, I'll carry at least 2 liters of water so it's a little hard to run on the first few days. I also get a little nervous when I look at some of the participants who are already jumping back and forth as hunting dogs waiting to unleash. On the first day we will raise 1,218 meters in 42 km. There we will stay overnight and expect tempratur down to 0 at night and 15 during the day something like a nice temperature for me.


02-Jun-2013 05:30:05 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
After a night of snoring Koreans and a little sleep we had the first day of walking today.
I had planned to take it easy all day to clarify and go quickly. Well when the start signal went, I changed tactics 🙂
Loep to the first checkpoint (CP1) that was after 13 km to escape the sun for too long. After all, it's 30-35 degrees I'm NOT prepared for a walk. This went well, but when I got to CP2 I had to stop to find that I had chosen wrong shoes and had already got blisters. Blisters are the very darkness of a loep like this, so it's important to treat quickly, but spend the rest of the day. Have been put on patches here in the camp so see how this is tomorrow.
There has been an open start in rough terrain and with a sack of 10-12 kilograms it will be extra tiring. But be sure to come in to goal placement and know that 1 of 6 marathon is finished. Today's experience is that choosing shoes should also be good. Tips from Jacob and Gunnar have been decisive on some points today. Missing the family but well I'll eat 🙂
03-Jun-2013 09:50:32 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
Then I finish the day's run on the plains of the archipelago. There are many days left, so I had decided to take it easy. We have had a thunderstorm at 33 degrees, then get thunderstorms and down to 15 degrees and strong winds. Going there were the mountains and valleys we walked in, but today there were long plains that were swollen monotonous. There are a lot of locals who stand along the route for both aa heie and see white people in strange clothes.
My big challenge is blisters on my legs. During the day I got some new blisters that burst and filled my shoes with a purse and it hurt until I got the wallpaper properly on the sick room. After all, I've lost everyone on the highway and a couple on the left. The hope is that the tape stays until we finish all the loops.
Luckily, the snoring Koreans slept a bit outside the tent of the night, so it was a good night's sleep. We are quite close to the border, so the aarangoer has hired a millet who keeps guard along the loeypen and camps. The camp for tonight is under the mountain and swim by a river with ice water.
Tomorrow we will go up the mountain, so it will be a little toeffere route. What is also important to us is the right amount of electrolytes, salt and water which is not always as easy to balance. Starting aa smelled good of us in the tents but, but ... my time is spent up
Thank you for all blog posts (as we read offline in an excel sheet)


04-Jun-2013 03:04:53 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
Then I'm far outside and have had a great day in terrain, which is comparable to the high mountain in Norway, besides being hotter here and snakes. In the evening it was raining and I started to freeze and shiver something that did not go before breakfast and a cup of hot coffee. On the whole route today there have been a lot of military personnel who have overseen us and that there was a photo ban on some of the nicest places. I take it as opposed to a dl others quite calm as there are three marathon lengths again, as well as the allowable terrain that will be on the last day with 75km up and down two high mountains. Still struggling with blisters on both legs, but the muscles are still good except stiff shoulders. Starting to get bored dry and gel so I look forward to coming home to home-made food. Today, I ate potato chips out of the box and there is little to be enjoyed, for example, I have packed a cup of instant coffee for a while.
My children (Live and Lone) have made small notes dedicated to each day and as I come up each morning with the day rats and that is the same Christmas Eve for me 🙂
Thanks to the backing I get 🙂


05-Jun-2013 02:59:49 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
In the night there was a bad camel and a camouflage on the camp. Measured at night tonight two, then I used the opportunity to throw stones to chase the camels and it seemed J.
The day today was over some plains and some long downhill runs. It's terrible for the guys aa loepe in a rough terrain for several miles and I would wish I had a slightly shorter hoyback. The terrain is very cruel at times, as there are small ones that rise from the ground and make it difficult to place the legs. Today we have a lot of small rivers and streams and the last thing I wish your a beating on the legs is similar to several blisters.
Today I relaxed a bit more and gave the bark in everything that has pain associated with blisters and loops smoothly and calmly throughout the trams. The bag begins to be easier, but is still above the minimum weight.
By accident, when I picked up more elketrolytes out, I found a bag of nescafe (one cup). Dropped the coffee in the water along with elctrolytes, the taste was beautiful and made me smile every time I took a sup (not much to please someone who lacks all luxury). Have made a routine for me every ten minutes. Have at least three bottles of water at all times, which is a minimum requirement to continue from each checkpoint. One reserve and two front on the shoulder straps one of which is with clean water and one with electrolytes. Every other hour I eat Gel while I loop or go fast and in addition I drink powder mixtures on a continuous basis. Every time I come in from each leg, I eat noodles that taste amazing.
Tomorrow it's the long leg up and down two mountain peaks spread over 75 km. This will be a toeff day and many are nervous including me, but in a posetive mate. What many ought to do is to share this for two days if we do not go to the deadlines. But I'm relaxing a little more so I'm good at it. We usually sleep in the sleeping bags before the eleven o'clock in the evening, because we are being awakened by the Korean loops in the tent at six o'clock. The fact that I could have some strokes in Korean quickly led to the Koreans in the tent being extra good friends.
Well, it's time for a trip again and thanks for the posts that I appreciate here.


08-Jun-2013 07:37:51 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
I slept a little better this night, but after all, this long 75 km long stage I was trained for was a little extra gear. Usually at 4 o'clock, breakfast was served with the Koreans in the tent. One of the Koreans "thin little boy" has the nickname "The Dark Horse" and is among the top 5. The Koreans are wonderful and match each other with a great mate. It is absolutely advantageous to be more together together. A couple of days ago, they helped me with a LIME firm tape on my shoulders as an extra protection for the blisters I have for the sack straps. The glue is spraylim that does not loose and which I am afraid to remove. Some Koreans have a little extra enjoyment on heavy evenings with a mix of sake and oel. That's something I'm supposed to learn from 🙂
It was raining a lot of the night before yesterday's leg so I started to keep me moving in the field, uphill in terrain is something I like. The steeper the better. I was then fully aware that the roads up the mountain side would be a little bit shabby and the farther behind the more. I also kept up with the plan to eat Gel and Energy Bars every hour, drinking I changed every 15 minutes when it was a bit lower tempratur. After getting halfway to CP4 I saw that it would blow up and that rain would come. I stopped filling my pockets with more food, put on wind / rain jacket, hat and gloves before I continued. Rain, snowy and hail came and then it's just a good idea to keep your muscles warm. I later heard that several backers stopped waiting for a little too late and could not move after this. They were picked up afterwards. When I arrived at CP4, they asked if I was cold, where one of the doctors answered spontaneously, "He is the norwegian guy, just let him go." Then there was a storm at the top of the mountain which is about 2,800 moh. I'm walking at a comfortable pace to keep warm and keep aa eating in between the snowboats. Even as a norm, it was cold, after all, I only had a 2/3 compression shorts and a lace top with a thin windbreaker. When I came down to the valley, a person passed me down from the mountain side and I thought he was cheating first but it turned out I had loept wrong and lost over 15 minutes. I was cursed by myself, but it only gave me more attention when it was energy. We walked in to the CP5 together where we were told that the race would be stopped until the storm had given rise to several rescue actions on the first mountain. After passing the CP5, I was in a 28 place in today's run and in the process of achieving the pace. I got cursed and said some things in Norwegian that are not suitable for pressure. Then I was SAA geared on the next next mountain. We continued on to the road where time was stopped and the distance was a total of approx. 50K.
Vaat og skuffet we were loaded on a bus and kidded to some monolithic tents where we have slept in the night. Often we have snowmobiles around the mountains around us, and in the day we have managed to get the temperature up to 6 degrees in the tent. It is CALCULATE for us who have packed for a long trip in the archipelago. Today we have been told aa wait as there are more storms in the mountains. This gives us the opportunity to clean the clothes and bags. Do not know how the morning candy is going to be tomorrow, usually only 14 km and short loops are not my favorites so we can see. The feelings and symptoms are gone, so it's only aa to continue aa loepe 🙂
We are comfortable and smell bad. A shower had been good, it's only a day left, so I have to eat good food and sleep in a good bed. But naa, it will envy the cobra in the sleeping bag.


08-Jun-2013 08:06:39 AM [(GMT + 01: 00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna]
In the night it was again below the freezing point inside the tent vaart. Probably warmer in Norway than here in Gobi at night. At 4 o'clock I was a little shy and was out where I wrote in the frost that had been lying on the wooden floor outside the tent. Since today's last race, most people would just give gas and see how far it lasted and I was no exception. Ate last turforet before i washed up with the last vascular tissues and brushed my teeth Then I wrapped up the whole bag and made me ready. Today it was a very short distance of 14 km, so I packed all the bottles out of one.
The day of the day went up a slight uphill for about 9 km, after which a little up and down the mountain. After that, it was a short distance down to a beautiful shore where the maine line was. I ended up in 20 places in today's leg and am very pleased with it.
At the end of the day there were a lot of locals who had come up with us and there was a culture of dance and music that was very nice. They also served food and drink there. I drank my first beer (alcohol) since December. Let's go back to the hotel and DUSJE!