After a couple of months of velcro, this is my experience.
Altra is known for its spacious fog that does not push the toes together. The first time I tried a pair of shoes from Altra, the spacious toe box was something new. As a "beginner" I thought it was uncomfortable with "wandering" forefoot in the shoe when I ran technical mountain range. To compensate for this unpleasant feeling, I tightened the schoolisses with the result that the school lost its original structure and without making them more comfortable to run. So I used the Altra-skoot as a fantastic casual shoes and easy running.

Running shoe with Velcro

This was before Altra King MT (final) came.
Now I've been part of the new Altra King MT and concluded that the manufacturer of the Velcro must have listened to runners who have had the same "loose" feeling like me.
For Altra King MT has a particularly visible feature - Velcro! Kindergarten, park dress and reflective vest I think when I hear about shoes with Velcro. However, with the Velcro's tightening function, King MT is very well positioned over the grid - without the need to tighten the skulls. Compared to other Altra shoes, King MT feels more steady on foot while retaining the spacious toe box.

Durable fabric

The upper part of the shoe is made of thin, with some reinforced nylon-like fabric - Ripstop material as the manufacturer describes it. On one occasion I had laid off the snow in the snow, and accidentally one of the shoes was stuck in the belt on the snowmobile over both mud and snow. After a wash the thin fabric and the rest of the shoe were as nice as the other shoe that had lonely stayed in the woods.


The sole gives a very good response in the terrain where the big knots are very good in wet and soft terrain. I have good experience with the skis on the high mountain in winter where they have been used in bad ski slopes, ice-lined lake and Norwegian rock climbing. From being perfect for winter use, they lack insulating materials.


King MT is a terrain shoe for those who are comfortable with a thin sole and no drop. Should you run a long way, it's an advantage that you are light on the foot and well trained in the leg muscles. The skull fits best in Norwegian terrain outside the hard-track path where you will feel a good traction in every kick-off.

Comment from Facebook

"You're sponsored - so this is just advertising for shoes!"

DOne is correct that Oslo Sportslager is my sponsor. This shows that I have access to one of Norway's largest selection of manufacturers and running shoes. Are there products that have a special news value, it's extra exciting to test, but there's the basis for criticism. In addition, if the product is extra expensive, it is in general interest to receive feedback from objective reference persons and not the manufacturers' own ambassadors - before buying the shoe.
The newly launched shoe from Altra has a special news value in that it is the ONLY in the market with Velcro as a tightening feature. All shoes from Altra have the particularly wide toe box that is loved and by some criticized. Criticized by someone because the foot feels loose in rough terrain. The new shoe with Velcro has in my opinion solved this challenge. So, now we who need a wide toe box can get a shoe that is comfortable - with Velcro.
From the manufacturer, I have used the word "Ripstop material" to "simplify" the "nylon-like" fabric. If a producer or someone else has used my text, it's a compliment to me.
If somebody feels angry or upset by my comment about parkwear and reflective vests, I apologize.