I have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by Brynje for several years and is one of Brynje's ambassadors. At the very heart of the body, Brynje delivers the best on the market with its healthcare supplies. I wear the clothes under training noise, winter clothes and under shirt with a dress in a job context. In addition to underwear from Brynje, I have used socks, hats, mittens, gloves and jackets.
I have used Brynje's clothing all over the world from running in the driest desert, the deepest jungle and mountain peaks over 6,000 meters. For example, areas such as the Amazon Jungle, the Andean Mountains, the Himalayas, the Atacama Desert, Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, on the Greenland ice in minus 43, and as the fourth man in history completing 250 km of race against the South Pole.
Manufacturer's side