Frode Lein, from the mid-80s, up to now, has gained a good experience as a coach in several sports and is currently working at the World Running Academy with headquarters in Italy offering coaching and training plans.

Frode Lein has been a Certified Running Technique Specialist at the Romanov Academy of Sports Science since 2013, which is the basis for our course in race technology. The courses have theory and practical exercises with video analysis and follow-up with training plans via our coaching app. The courses are adapted for individuals, groups and sports teams.

Frode Lein is a college educated coach with extensive experience in management, motivation, coaching, self-management and team development. From dreams and vision to action to achieve your own success.

Omega 3 øker fettforbrenning

Skal du løpe langt og lenge  er sterk muskulatur like viktig som utholdenhet. De fleste vet at Omega 3 er bra for hjerte, ledd og hjerne  – men en bonus for mange er Omega 3 bra for fettforbrenningen og gunstig for muskelvekst.

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When should I replace my running shoes?

Spring is here and many find the good old running shoes to get in shape. Many are very eager and run more the first month than what they have done together this past year. The result is often "injury injuries" and other "injuries" that stop the running career for a while and [...]

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Training camp and equipment test

When competing for several days in remote areas under extreme conditions, equipment, nutrition, electrolytes, sleeping bags, shoes and clothing should be carefully thought out because there are no "spare parts". Whether you are going to participate in leg-races or long and fast races in the wilderness, you can join Rondane National Park to learn [...]

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Nice advertisement article produced by Garmin to the finance newspaper's magazine «Sports & Leisure».

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Frode Lein - 2016

Running Frequency and Sensor Sensor

Within race technique, the frequency of the number of steps per minute is one of the most discussed areas. Your racing rate will be directional in order to be more efficient and reduce the basis for damage. Running speed optimization is based on the number of steps per minute and 180 is the magic number intended to [...]

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Pulse Oximeter

For several years Garmin has had heart rate monitor in the form of green light under the bells. In addition, the Garmin Fenix ​​5x Plus has been equipped with a red light - pulse oximeter that measures oxygen saturation in the blood. Pulse oximeter is often used by people who move at high altitudes and should be acclimatized. But measurement [...]

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North Pole Marathon

In preparation for two Gurkha soldiers (Bhim Gurung and Samir Tamang) from Nepal to the North Pole Marathon, I was given the task of coaching the runners into a few important elements as they lacked experience in running on snow. In addition, they had received clothing for expedition in polishing and inadequate running equipment. Running [...]

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Strength training for stamina and long run

Do you want to get stronger, faster and not least an injury free runner? Add strength training into your routines. Many endurance and ultrasound drivers have a training diary that is crowded with the number of kilometers and a goal of running everyday and gladly the whole week. This type of exercise is a little varied for the body and will cause too many [...]

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Strength training without device

On holiday there is not always a gym available. Some coaches strengthen the best home and others dislike the gym. Then it's good with good strength exercises that do not require advanced aids or appliances. You will surely be stronger, faster and better running Basics Here are some great strength exercises that fit nicely together [...]

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Equipment for the Lofoten Ultra-Trail

The Lofoten Ultra Trail was characterized by amazing scenery and amazing people. Clothing I had put on a t-shirt and "Swift Arm Warmers" to save weight. This is a combination that is easier to handle than both a short and long sleeve sweater. In addition to long shorts, I brought a raincoat [...]

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