Omega 3 for muskel og fett

Skal du løpe langt og lenge  er sterk muskulatur like viktig som utholdenhet. De fleste vet at Omega 3 er bra for hjerte, ledd og hjerne  – men en bonus for mange er Omega 3 bra for fettforbrenningen og gunstig for muskelvekst.

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Pulse Oximeter

For several years Garmin has had heart rate monitor in the form of green light under the bells. In addition, the Garmin Fenix ​​5x Plus has been equipped with a red light - pulse oximeter that measures oxygen saturation in the blood. Pulse oximeter is often used by people who move at high altitudes and should be acclimatized. But measurement [...]

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Frode Lein before and after

Julegris this year too?

There are still some places at the Christmas training session in the studio at JBR beach, Dubai. I do not get this time, but this is where many of the good results begin to take shape. Because for several years and periods I have worked in Dubai, I would highly recommend a trip [...]

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Protein and avocado shake

I often make a natural protein shake with avocado flavor. The protein addiction I use is whey and is referred to as muscle food. The myth is from the milk's protein composition. Milk contains, in addition to the milk protein, fat, water and milk sugar. Milk protein contains 80% casein and 20% whey protein which in turn has different amino acid composition and absorption properties to [...]

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Rimfrost Krill

A life without meat

Since 2011/2012 I have had a diet where I have chosen to omit meat, but I eat seafood and is then categorized as Pesco vegetarian. I have chosen not to eat meat for the body's well-being, any more hocus pocus is not. Well, does it help? I think, but is uncertain. [...]

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Tailwind is the powder that "includes everything" and easily mixed with posion bags and water. Tailwind is the best solution for me to control the body's balance of water and energy levels in long and adventure runs where it's hot. In order to complete more daydogs in the desert race, I have previously [...]

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