The competitions I participate in have distances from 79 km to 483 km. Most over 160 km there is a stage race where we get water every 10-20 km and in addition there is a tent that we will live in the days the competition is going on. Food for 5 to 10 days, clothing and all other necessary equipment, we have to carry in your own backpack and in the pool during the winter.

The competition is on extremely remote areas with extreme weather conditions and day trips have lasted more than thirty hours. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in these competitions as we do not have access to "spare parts" during the competitions.

Kilimanjaro opp og ned før julebordet

Da Gaudence fortalte om sin rekord opp Kilimanjaro spøkte jeg med at vi burde løpe opp sammen en gang, og Gaudence parerte i fullt alvor at det var en god idé.
I desember 2019 hadde jeg noen ekstra feriedager til gode som jeg skulle avholde og kanskje fikse litt i huset. Det var først da min kjære foreslo at jeg skulle ta en fjelltur at jeg utnyttet situasjonen, tok kontakt med Gaudence – som tilfeldigvis hadde fri. Avgjørelsen var enkel, og et par dager senere satt jeg på flyet til Tanzania.

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Oppakning for løp i Kenya

Ved deltagelse i etappeløp må vi løpe med utstyret i en sekk. Det er en del utstyr som er obligatorisk å ha med. Det obligatoriske er knyttet opp mot forsikring og nødvendighet. Så er det noe som er praktisk og noe som er luksus å ha med i sekken. I […]

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Garmin fēnix 6x

Den nye Garmin Fenix 6x på navigerende jomfrutur mellom løver og elefanter over steppelandskapet i Kenya.

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Tips on comfort in the hammock

To sleep best in a hammock, I have the following advice: Buy a long hammock in relation to your body, it is then easier to lie stretched and less pressure under the neck. Find a warm place if you do not use Traps During the night, wind and cold traits will affect […]

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Jungle Ultra competition

"A breath-taking footrace through the Amazon Rainforest" Run, scramble and fight your way through 230km of remote jungle, journeying from cloud forest to Amazon basin I was initially going to Australia to take part in a race in May 2019 - but my participation was canceled due to illness. [...]

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Løpesko og strømper i myr og vann

Choosing running shoes to be used in rain, mud has similarities to Norwegian conditions especially in the fall. But during this race it was guaranteed that the shoe will be wet for six days. I picked out three pairs of running shoes that are well suited for the task.

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Sleeping bags in Peru

From lightweight down comforters to minimalist synthetic sleeping bags ... The start of the competition was up in the Andes for over 4,000 meters with temperatures down to freezing at night. In this area we had the opportunity to change equipment from a private drop bag before we disappeared down into the deep […]

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With hammock in the rainforest

I was going to Peru to compete in the Jungle Ultra that runs through the Amazon rainforest. This was a full-stack stage race and the organizer had instructed us to bring a hammock with mosquito nets to protect against malaria mosquitoes and other insects. Tents were not applicable because of all the […]

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Al Marmoom Ultramarathon

There was a bus transfer from Dubai to the desert where the race was to start. As a transport I chose to use Uber-offroad. With map coordinates as the only reference, there was some error-navigation before we arrived at a large tent camp. We were informed that this should be the camp […]

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