Al Marmoon Ultra Marathon

I had the opportunity to start in a desert race in my "old neighborhood" of the Emirates. I have previously worked in Dubai and still have some friends who I looked forward to meeting.
Dubai and the Emirates are a wonderful experience in itself - this is "Las Vegas on steroids". Here there are records in all directions: highest, furthest, most expensive, largest etc ... and in addition it now came "The world longest desert race".

«Marera Al Marmoom Ultramarathon offers 3 grueling distances; The world's longest desert ultra-run 270km over 5 days as well as continuous 100km and 50km ultra runs.
All three distances are self-sufficient, with water and tents supplied, and across the desert in the breathtaking Al Marmoom Desert Reserve, Dubai UAE.
Terrain will change from hard sand tracks to soft moving dunes, and the route will include overnight camping, 5 stages and regular check points.
Meraas Al Marmoom Ultramarathon will test physical strength and mental strain as participants take in the beautiful desert landscape and spot indigenous and migratory wildlife.

Al Marmoom Ultramarathon

There was a bus transfer from Dubai to the desert where the race was to start. As a transport I chose to use Uber-offroad. With map coordinates as the only reference, there was some error-navigation before we arrived at a large tent camp. We were informed that this should be the camp […]

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Equipment for desert races in the Emirates

In this type of race, some equipment is required and something that is recommended equipment. The organizer considers it necessary to be able to carry out the race in a safe manner. During the races, participants are checked to ensure that they have […]

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Preparations for ultra races in the Emirates

Al Marmoon Ultra Marathon is arranged in a desert area outside Dubai in the Emirates. The area where the race is organized has sand dunes that are ten meters high and it is difficult to navigate. There are three parallel races where the participants can choose between three distances, which follow the same path - but with different starting times: […]

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