Iranian Silk Road Ultra

My favorite race in the desert

My favorite of the desert races is the "Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon". High security with limited number of participants with high quality and local ownership. Tough competition with an alternative route that "everyone" can accomplish. The Dasht-e Loot has a beautiful and fascinating nature, including the plateau Gandom Beryan, the hottest spot on earth. This year's edition […]

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Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

The first ultrasound arranged in Iran. 250 km on the hottest place on earth, in a desert stretching from Iran to Afghanistan. At the same time, we wrote an important chapter in Iran's history.

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Frode Lein - Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

Clothing for the Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

I was carefully explained that the heat in the Dasht-e Lut desert and especially on Gandom-e Beryan would be something completely different from what I have tackled before of high temperatures like in the Sahara, Gobi and Atacama desert. Even at night, the temperature will rarely be lower than normal body temperature. The heat would therefore have a major influence on the choice of clothing.

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Equipment for Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

Now I should go to Gandom-e Beryan in Dasht-e Lut desert outside Kerman as of Nasa has been measured to the warmest place on earth and we'll be there in the warmest period of the year so there was no doubt: the heat would definitely be mine biggest challenge and would affect everything from equipment, clothing, [...]

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