The competitions I participate in have distances from 79 km to 483 km. Most over 160 km there is a stage race where we get water every 10-20 km and in addition there is a tent that we will live in the days the competition is going on. Food for 5 to 10 days, clothing and all other necessary equipment, we have to carry in your own backpack and in the pool during the winter.

The competition is on extremely remote areas with extreme weather conditions and day trips have lasted more than thirty hours. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in these competitions as we do not have access to "spare parts" during the competitions.

Salomon S-lab XT 5

Used this shoe on Gobi March with 250 km of success. It is quite similar to SpeedCross, but has a sole that is more durable on tough and hard surfaces. They are a little narrow in the front so I got blisters on the outside and between the toes early in the race. I was […]

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Gobi March

250 kilometers run in the most unexpected desert in the world. The race went in the terrain northwest of Xinjiang Province. The area is known for its colorful culture in its ethnic minorities and for Djengis Khan.

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Salomon Speed ​​Cross 3

Like wearing a sock, with a good sole that gives a smooth running feeling and is well-adapted training in Norwegian nature and mountains with the long knots. Until I delete the bracelet in summer 2014, this is the type of skirt I've practiced the most. Has made repurchase of several [...]

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Swiss Alpine ..

The biggest mountain ultramarathon in the world, and the ultimate challenge. The race is on a high altitude terrain (2,900 above sea level). »My first ultrasound With a blend of nervousness and joy, I sat behind the wheel of the car and driving two days with my family to reach [...]

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Galdhøpiggen Up 2012

The second time I participated in the back race Galdhøpiggen Opp. I was more prepared for what met me this time and I won my class. This year I traveled with a friend, Truls Hansen, who is also from Hakadal. Traveling the bag with something helps a lot of it [...]

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The start ...

Galdhøpiggen Up 2011 was my first race race as it was also my first race in adulthood. I got up alone with a good portion of tension in my body. Wearing thights and with Redbull in the drinking bag, I was this year the most corpulent person who made the start. But I was with [...]

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