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Solomon S-Lab Motionfit 360

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Et spesielt godt valg av meg ved et «kort» bakkeløp med dagstursekk Salomon sin regnjakke S-Lab Motionfit 360 var genial til denne type raske løp hvor sekundene teller. Jakken er konstruert for å kunne kles utenpå sekken. Den har også et pannebånd innvendig som holder hetten på plass når det […]

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Sleeping bags in Peru

From lightweight down comforters to minimalist synthetic sleeping bags ... The start of the competition was up in the Andes for over 4,000 meters with temperatures down to freezing at night. In this area we had the opportunity to change equipment from a private drop bag before we disappeared down into the deep […]

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Equipment for desert races in the Emirates

In this type of race, some equipment is required and something that is recommended equipment. The organizer considers it necessary to be able to carry out the race in a safe manner. During the races, participants are checked to ensure that they have […]

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