The competitions I participate in are extremely remote areas with extreme weather conditions where the longest day trial I have had is thirty hours. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in these competitions as there will not be "spare parts" during the six days the competition is taking place.

The development of equipment and clothing changes with each new collection and, more often than not, several times a year. As I have Oslo Sportslager as a sponsor on clothing and equipment, I can choose from all leading manufacturers and the best quality. With time and with a special interest, I have acquired very good expertise and experience in quality and function for what works in the different environments. For the final decisions regarding equipment, shoes and clothing, I use the expertise of the staff at Oslo Sportslager.

Solomon S-Lab Motionfit 360

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Et spesielt godt valg av meg ved et «kort» bakkeløp med dagstursekk Salomon sin regnjakke S-Lab Motionfit 360 var genial til denne type raske løp hvor sekundene teller. Jakken er konstruert for å kunne kles utenpå sekken. Den har også et pannebånd innvendig som holder hetten på plass når det […]

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Tips on comfort in the hammock

To sleep best in a hammock, I have the following advice: Buy a long hammock in relation to your body, it is then easier to lie stretched and less pressure under the neck. Find a warm place if you do not use Traps During the night, wind and cold traits will affect […]

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Running shoes and footwear in mud, marsh and water

Choosing running shoes to be used in rain, mud has similarities to Norwegian conditions especially in the fall. But during this race it was guaranteed that the shoe will be wet for six days. I picked out three pairs of running shoes that are well suited for the task.

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Sleeping bags in Peru

From lightweight down comforters to minimalist synthetic sleeping bags ... The start of the competition was up in the Andes for over 4,000 meters with temperatures down to freezing at night. In this area we had the opportunity to change equipment from a private drop bag before we disappeared down into the deep […]

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With hammock in the rainforest

I was going to Peru to compete in the Jungle Ultra that runs through the Amazon rainforest. This was a full-stack stage race and the organizer had instructed us to bring a hammock with mosquito nets to protect against malaria mosquitoes and other insects. Tents were not applicable because of all the […]

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When should I replace my running shoes?

Spring is here and many find the good old running shoes to get in shape. Many are very eager and run more the first month than what they have done together this past year. The result is often "injury injuries" and other "injuries" that stop the running career for a while and [...]

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Nice advertisement article produced by Garmin to the finance newspaper's magazine «Sports & Leisure».

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Frode Lein - 2016

Running Frequency and Sensor Sensor

Within race technique, the frequency of the number of steps per minute is one of the most discussed areas. Your racing rate will be directional in order to be more efficient and reduce the basis for damage. Running speed optimization is based on the number of steps per minute and 180 is the magic number intended to [...]

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Pulse Oximeter

For several years Garmin has had heart rate monitor in the form of green light under the bells. In addition, the Garmin Fenix ​​5x Plus has been equipped with a red light - pulse oximeter that measures oxygen saturation in the blood. Pulse oximeter is often used by people who move at high altitudes and should be acclimatized. But measurement [...]

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Desert Race Equipment in India

You are alone, and in seven days you will do yourself with what is in your backpack, through an irreplaceable desert. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in this type of competition. This type of stage race includes several important elements: Running, nutrition, clothing, hiking and expedition equipment for extreme conditions. With [...]

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Clothing for Desert Run in India

When choosing clothing, it is important to think that the choices made will be on the body for seven days in extreme heat, out in a desert without shower and washing facilities. In addition, there are cacti, bushes with thorns and a sack that rubs both [...]

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