The competitions I participate in are extremely remote areas with extreme weather conditions where the longest day trial I have had is thirty hours. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in these competitions as there will not be "spare parts" during the six days the competition is taking place.

The development of equipment and clothing changes with each new collection and, more often than not, several times a year. As I have Oslo Sportslager as a sponsor on clothing and equipment, I can choose from all leading manufacturers and the best quality. With time and with a special interest, I have acquired very good expertise and experience in quality and function for what works in the different environments. For the final decisions regarding equipment, shoes and clothing, I use the expertise of the staff at Oslo Sportslager.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Fantastic clock, but a little lumpy. It was quickly replaced when 910xt came on the market. The advantage of this rather than pulsar and sunto watches was that it had easily available function keys on the front of the clock.

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Garmin Forerunner 405CX

Tuch-fuel from .... The tank is good in hot coats, but with cold, gloves and cold bells this did not work optimally. The functions in the clock itself were good.

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Montrail Rockridge

The first terrain shot that made me into Norwegian nature. Pronation shoes etc, which is superfluous in the terrain. There were good shoes for gravel roads, but nothing to brag about in terrain. product Page

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