Sack and vests to run with

Antarctica running gear

The challenge was a self-sufficient race with food and food in Antarctica. The goal was to relocate 250 kilometers as quickly as possible to the south pole. Race summary In advance of a competition, I am very careful about the choice of equipment. Wrong equipment or equipment failure is in many cases background for practitioners not completing. Therefore is […]

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Equipment for Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

Now I should go to Gandom-e Beryan in Dasht-e Lut desert outside Kerman as of Nasa has been measured to the warmest place on earth and we'll be there in the warmest period of the year so there was no doubt: the heat would definitely be mine biggest challenge and would affect everything from equipment, clothing, [...]

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Headlamp on the stomach

I often use a storage belt around my waist to bring with me energy bars, gels, phones, plastics etc. Some also have a drink bottle. Four months ago, I received a UltrAspire belly belt specially designed for use in the dark. The belt has a light, two-piece, with a large good and practical pocket for [...]

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OMM Phantom 20

The bag from The OMM I used in Ecuador on a 250-kilometer terrain in both the Andes and Amazon. In the suitcase on my trip to Ecuador I had a bigger bag that was intended during this race. But the suitcase was "messed up" and delayed to the plane at Heathrow airport and when I arrived [...]

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Equipment for the Mustang Trail Race

I am very careful about equipment before a race and packs as easily and minimally as possible. For a few months back, I thanked me for a very nice request to be a Oslo Sports Team Runner and at the same time being part of "Team Oslo Sports Team". I used to be a producer [...]

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Sack and carrying system

A running bag hangs on the shoulders as opposed to the torso bag resting on the hips. The optimum is when the bags have pockets attached. The belt goes under the ribs and hangs well over the hip. Personally, I prefer shoulder pockets for drinking bottles instead of "Camelbak" bags in the bag of drinking hose. Choosing [...]

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