On June 13, 2017 I had tested nine raincoats that were on the market. I was sure in my case that I had chosen the best jacket to take with me in a 250km competition to Antarctica and my statement was then:
"- Should I choose a jacket for leisure and sport it would be Gore ONE Gore-Tex. The jacket holds the water outside, has a pocket for mobile phone and weighs 166 grams. Absolutely amazing in rainy weather! "

Water and windproofness

The jacket Gore ONE Gore-Tex, along with AETHER SMOCK jacket from The OMM, are the jackets that give the best impression of durability. The fabric Gore ONE is made up of a thin shell layer of Gore-Tex membrane. Inside the zipper in the front is a protective layer of fabric that with a folded seam should hold water that pulls the zipper away from the body. Wind and water tightness are very good.


The jacket is tight and good, breathes satisfactorily without air ducts.


The entire jacket including cuffs and seams around the arms and waist is sewn in the Gore-tex membrane. The jacket is sealed on the body without being form-fitting. The jacket does not provide any adjustability as the knit around the waist, wrist and cap does not have adjustment options. The hood is good on the head, but has a short neck which causes the head to hang again when you turn your head.


For long walks in the mountains with bad autumn weather, Gore ONE Gore-Tex is a very good choice. The jacket design and color are also very suitable for ordinary clothes without giving an impression of being a distinguished "training jacket"
The jacket membrane is rigid and noises unnecessarily and can be a challenge when using the hood.

That little extra

The jacket has a pocket with a membrane-protected zipper for mobile phone etc. located on the chest. The location prevents the content from jumping unnecessarily up and down.