Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP is the roughest mountain boot you can get in and the ultimate on your legs for long mountain walks where you want to combine running and quick walking.
How they have got such a powerful shoe weighing less than 500 grams is hard to understand. The shoe has Vibram sole that is rough and sits very well in terrain and snow. In Patagonia I used Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP a few days before leaving Antarctica
The main reason I used Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP during preparation for Antarctica in Patagonia, the anxiety was to step over to damage the ankle even before starting.
Myke Hermsmeyer, a professional photographer who was hired for the Antarctic race, also used Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP. He sometimes stood up with water on the ankles, washed in the sea and still was well satisfied and dry on his legs a week later.