These are the shoes I chose to use for a 250 km race in the desert between Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. They have a good sole that contains a layer of "hard" rubber. This makes the shoe a little stiffer and protects against the substrate when the sole becomes "extra" hot. It is 8 mm drip from whole to toe and was very good to run on on test trips ahead of Atacama Crossing. I had chosen a number for big shoes, but in AC they became too small in the extreme heat of up to 43 degrees. Additionally, the breathable substance over the toe box releases a lot of sand, which causes the footwear to be extra tight.
This is very good for ultrasound, but not recommended in the desert with a lot of sand.
Ps. they are not sold in Scandinavia.
My size US 9.5 (should be 10)