For exercise, I use my Garmin to get the most out of my workouts and on a simple day racing. Garmin I also use races that last several days, but mainly as advanced navigation and control tools.

"I have run across the great mountain ranges in the world, through the most dangerous deserts, the ice of the south pole, across Greenland and deep into jungles. In summary, it has become warmer than +60 degrees, colder than -45 and higher than 6,000 meters above sea level. An important tool on all adventures has been my Rolex Explorer II. "

When I participate in races lasting more than one day, time is a major factor. In order to maximize performance, I am dependent on having the best equipment available on the market. Time is a vital factor for me in my race. To satisfy my inner turmoil, I have tested several watches of the brands Panerai, Hublot, TAG Hauer and IWC before I acquired the time I have now - Rolex Explorer II.
Selection of watches is not random. Since 1971, Explorer II has been chosen by leading adventurers, explorers, expedition leaders worldwide thanks to its specially designed features. The robust watch has an additional hourly time display attached to the benzel showing a secondary time zone in a 24 hour format.

«The extra time zone wiser is my compass»

When I walk alone in a desert over several days, with heat over 50 degrees, it's the minutes that determine my destiny. My body is dependent on getting electrolytes, purse and energy at certain times in order to survive. Not too often and not too rare, both can cause serious consequences. Rolex Explorer II has a robust self-pulling watchmaker that for me has been a security and a vital tool.

Explorer II has an advanced and self-pulling clockwork that always gives me precise time and avoids unnecessary stress with timing, start, stop, battery, charge, frequency, increase, etc.
The only appeal is that the clock is an attractive theft object. But on my races around the world, I always have a buff that I use as sweatband and wrap around the arm and cover the clock. I have recently switched to a "Norwegian" ski strap, and then only those who see what time it is.
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