This is a fantastic jacket that I use in competitions where weight is important and on workouts in the summer where I run in my upper body during the daytime and in the evening want something that is long-term. Lightweight and elastic running jacket weighing 85 grams.

Water and windproofness

The jacket is made of a thin elastic material that is water repellent, but not waterproof. The jacket is more than good enough in the rain and with netting sweater ala Brynje beneath, you will feel both hot and dry.


The jacket has a very good breathability with small vent holes on the back, under the arm and down the side. After a rainy weather, the jacket wipes very quickly and especially if you close the zipper a little while you run.


You will not get closer to the feel of your upper body than this jacket. I use it on training instead of t-shirt when I get a little bit of fun. It has a comfortable fabric that does not adhere to the body.


This jacket is windproof and very suitable as a long-sleeved alternative to sweater. Should I run for several hours and during the evening when the sun goes down, this is nice to bring along. It weighs less than a t-shirt and is very easy to carry on.

That little extra

There are small magnets that keep the 5 cm neck tightly closed. The jacket has a small pocket on the inside that is used to pack the entire jacket into. The down jacket is not the jacket bigger than a golf ball.