Do you want to get stronger, faster and not least an injury free runner? Add strength training into your routines.
Many endurance and ultrasound drivers have a training diary that is crowded with the number of kilometers and a goal of running everyday and gladly the whole week. This type of exercise is slightly variable for the body and will cause unnecessary wear and tear.
If you want to be a better runner, as well as reduce the likelihood of injury, strength training is an advantage, especially for the core muscular. Exercising full body muscle strength has been an important element for me when it comes to stage races. IN my first race With full accumulation I noticed it was in my upper body and not the legs I was most darkened. After the course, I received the recommendation from professionals to be better at practicing the core muscles.

Training plan and strength training

There are many suggestions for training programs to find online on strength training. But not all are good and some can even be directly harmful.
The best approach is that you spend a little money on trained professionals with skills in strength training that can build a suitable training platform tailored to you. This person will also be able to direct you to perform the exercises correctly with the correct load.
A gym with many and dedicated appliances is probably the easiest way for strength training. But many prefer sling or simple exercise where body weight is the basic element.

Varied training

Based on the length of the races I'm participating in, I'm surprised when I tell you that I run on average three times a week and in winter barely a couple of times a month. When winter comes I will replace running shoes with cross-country skiing. In addition, I climb and swim a couple of times a week, but I train exercise four times a week.

Weight training is probably the most important alternative exercise that can help you be a better runner.

Bonus with strength training

If you want to be a skilled runner, you do not have to look like a blend of a tailored bird dog and used q-tips. If you have some meat on your body and are stuck in the fish you will see a lot better.

Studio Training

Study training can get boring if you do not work out with someone or in a studio with a motivating and enjoyable environment. I have chosen to divide my strength training to a day with my upper body and a day with legs, of which I exercise max one hour each time. In order to keep the desired time frame, I use countdown in one to three minutes between each repetition of the activities.

Strength training for upper body - Day # 1

Strength training for legs - Day # 2