On holiday there is not always one gym available. Some coaches strengthen the best home and others dislike the gym. Then it's good with good strength exercises that do not require advanced aids or appliances.

You will surely be a stronger, faster and better runner

Basic Program

Here are some great strength exercises that fit well with running routines. These are simple and good exercises you can perform during the breaks when you are out to run or when you finish the race.



Situps / Crunch

To get stronger abs are the crunch thing. Unlike traditional situps, where you shove your upper body completely, Crunch will stop motion before the lower back rises from the floor. Try to relax in the neck, legs and thighs. Here are the abdominal muscles that will work at a pace that is calm and controlled.


This exercise strengthens the big set muscle. The main task of the muscle is to bring your thigh backwards as you run and that you will have a more well-formed backing. Quiet and controlled pace.

The plank

The exercise gives you a stronger and more stable core muscles. You exercise the deep back muscles, the inner transverse stomach muscles and the shoulder stability. Hold the position for 1 to 5 minutes for each repetition.

Knee on a foot

One-legged squat (Pistol squats) is a strengthening exercise where the relationship between strength and balance is put to the test. Exercise strengthens and activates hamstring, quadriceps and core muscles. The first time you would like to compensate for the balance against a post or equivalent.

Bicep curls

Exercise that coaches triceps, the front of the shoulders, the muscles in the chest and core muscles corresponding to the exercise.

Knebøy - Squats

If your leg is too heavy, the usual squat is usually a weight in your hands, a good option, but also a good supplement. It is important to keep your back straight throughout the exercise and you strengthen hamstring, quadriceps and your core muscles.

Ettbens markløft

A great exercise for better balance and mobility. Strengthens backside thighs, buttocks, core muscles and corrects muscular imbalance.