Choosing the right clothing for a self-sufficient desert course that goes over a few days is very important.
As participants, we run all the necessary equipment, clothes and food for seven days. I have chosen to wear a t-shirt and a long-sleeved sweater to save weight on gram level.
Beside weight, the choice of t-shirt is no coincidence since it is the one I run for seven days without the opportunity to wash, in the sun, sandstorm and with a sack on the back.
I consider breathing properties on clothing so that the body at all times has an optimal temperature and mobility.
During daytime it's over 40 degrees and then the coating should breathe upside down to avoid unnecessary whey loss. Unnecessary baggage loss causes me to drink more bags and again carry more weight.
Before the sun rises and falls down, it is very cold and often below freezing. It is therefore important that the coating insulates to avoid freezing as this taps the body to unnecessary energy. Increased energy consumption requires more food and again requires more weight in the bag.
Thread, nail and thread thickness are more important in terms of friction. A stitch that is "thick" has a wrong or thick thread will absorb more sweat and will be a hard stitch with salt content that rubs on the skin after a few days of racing. With a sack on the back and hard stitches, a nail rubs extra well and eventually creates unnecessary cold sores.
On my last race in the Atacama desert there was so dry air that the glue from the patch, tape and duck tape did not stick to the skin. On the daydogs there were several who had bloody t-shirt from rodents that originated from bad clothing and inaccurate fasted sack. After the daydogs they got the unfortunate, who eventually gets a lot of opportunity to use the playful's super-adhesive in spray form to attach any patch and lose on wounds. This will be on the rest of the race days but will be very difficult to remove after a few days.
Should I definitely point out something I missed the opportunity to open my throat with a zipper or a button. Otherwise, this t-shirt was the right choice and was perfect for me. Thanks again to Brynje of Norway for very good technical clothing!
Brynje uvasket 250km 6dager Atacama