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When should I replace my running shoes?

Spring is here and many find the good old running shoes to get in shape. Many are very eager and run more the first month than what they have done together this past year. The result is often "injury injuries" and other "injuries" that stop the running career for a while and [...]

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Antarctica running gear

The challenge was a self-sufficient race with food and food in Antarctica. The goal was to relocate 250 kilometers as quickly as possible to the south pole. Race summary In advance of a competition, I am very careful about the choice of equipment. Wrong equipment or equipment failure is in many cases background for practitioners not completing. Therefore is […]

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Asics Gel Fujisetsu

In the winter I run mainly on ice and snow-covered forest roads. But what I like best is trips in newly renovated trawls from the trawler at the ski slopes in forests, fields and over water. I have tested four new winter shoes with spikes this winter and this is definitely the best. Unlike the others, [...]

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