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Antarctica running gear

The challenge was a self-sufficient race with food and food in Antarctica. The goal was to relocate 250 kilometers as quickly as possible to the south pole. Race summary In advance of a competition, I am very careful about the choice of equipment. Wrong equipment or equipment failure is in many cases background for practitioners not completing. Therefore is […]

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Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

The first ultrasound arranged in Iran. 250 km on the hottest place on earth, in a desert stretching from Iran to Afghanistan. At the same time, we wrote an important chapter in Iran's history.

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Falke Ru Stabilizing

Sock with support for ankle joint

Falke is a German brand that manufactures clothing. I got a few months ago socks with the name Falke Running compression - Ru Stabilizing. I often freeze my legs easily and always use wool and merino wool on my legs, so this sock I looked forward to testing - in winter time. Fit socks [...]

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Equipment for the Mustang Trail Race

I am very careful about equipment before a race and packs as easily and minimally as possible. For a few months back, I thanked me for a very nice request to be a Oslo Sports Team Runner and at the same time being part of "Team Oslo Sports Team". I used to be a producer [...]

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