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Desert Race Equipment in India

You are alone, and in seven days you will do yourself with what is in your backpack, through an irreplaceable desert. Equipment, shoes and clothing can not fail in this type of competition. This type of stage race includes several important elements: Running, nutrition, clothing, hiking and expedition equipment for extreme conditions. With [...]

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Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

The first ultrasound arranged in Iran. 250 km on the hottest place on earth, in a desert stretching from Iran to Afghanistan. At the same time, we wrote an important chapter in Iran's history.

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4deserts - Ecuador - Roving race 2015

Join the adventure?

Do you dream of attending stage races in the desert, jungle or high mountains? Then, just contact me. It does not have to be so far from dream to reality. 4 Deserts I would like to share my experience and help you on your way. Are you able to go five days in [...]

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Atacama Crossing ..

250 km on the driest square in the world - here it is 50 times drier than California's "Death Valley". The only way to fix patch and tape was using Spraylim. I rolled down a waterfall that caused swollen knees, blue elbow and sprained thumbs.

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Gobi March

250 kilometers run in the most unexpected desert in the world. The race went in the terrain northwest of Xinjiang Province. The area is known for its colorful culture in its ethnic minorities and for Djengis Khan.

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