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Accommodation in extreme cold

In the competition Yukon Arctic Ultra, the temperature ranged from -43 to down to -54 celsius and equipment for accommodation in the wilderness was not only important but vital. Me and my tent mate Asbjørn mastered this cold probably best of all participants. Not only did we survive without frostbite, but we had it comfortably [...]

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Equipment for 50 miles in 50 minus

In the competition Yukon Arctic Ultra we had to keep ourselves with all the equipment, clothing and food. As there is extreme cold and accommodation in tents, we had to use the pulk to get all that was required of obligatory equipment and self-chosen star. Pulk When I was in the starting line of Yukon [...]

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Equipment for the Arctic Circle Race

Article: Implementation of the Arctic Circle Race Below I have written a little about my preparations and thoughts about the participation. Runs like the Arctic Circle Race (ACR) hold a number of risk factors, which means that serious organizers like the ACR work out a minimum list of compulsory equipment. Beyond this, participants must use their own or others' experience and [...]

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