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Equipment for Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon

Now I should go to Gandom-e Beryan in Dasht-e Lut desert outside Kerman as of Nasa has been measured to the warmest place on earth and we'll be there in the warmest period of the year so there was no doubt: the heat would definitely be mine biggest challenge and would affect everything from equipment, clothing, [...]

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NRK TV Sammen med ei flott dame og "ein likanes kar"

Oslofjorden Rundt

Preparations: Oslofjorden Rundt - 175 km was arranged one month after I had completed 4desert's 250 km race in Equador (film clip) and was planned for me as a finishing season in 2015. I have not been a follower of long asphalt runs, but had decided to run the Oslo Fjord around [...]

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Gobi March

250 kilometers run in the most unexpected desert in the world. The race went in the terrain northwest of Xinjiang Province. The area is known for its colorful culture in its ethnic minorities and for Djengis Khan.

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Rolex Explorer II

When I attend races lasting more than a day, I use the best suitable equipment available on the market.
Time is an important factor and the time I trust most is my Rolex Explorer II.

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