Roadsign Continental Challenge, [140 km, 48H, 9000 mD +, 9000 mD-]

Ultra Norway Race - Twelve International Executives set aside in Storfjord to run the Lyngsalpene along.
48 hours and 14 miles later there were only six athletes who had passed the goalkeeper in Tromsø city. I ended in third place with 30 hours and 26 minutes

World-wide extreme sports race with the goal of Tromsø

«The Canal Challenge"Is a race series of a total of five extreme terrain races that take place on each continent over a two-year period. The last race in the competition is the 14-mile long "Ultra Race Norway", where twelve participants from eight different countries set to start. The race started in Storfjord and continued over Lyngsalpene. Then by boat from Lakselvbukt to Stordalsstrand and further across the mountains to the destination in Tromsø city center. The race race was marked with ribbons and flags, and it was handed out seven detail maps with route descriptions for use with compass.

Canal-Aventure :: start, Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: Start, Ultra Norway Race

Jérôme Lollier, who is the racing director of the The Canal Challenge races, went up to Lyngsalpene in October 2015 to assess the area and the trails. Contrary to the light conditions and the midnight sun, in opposition to the other four races, a decision was made that the race in Norway should be conducted coherently (nonstop).

Top-rated athletes

The twelve participants on the starting list were all top-rated athletes who participate in races around the world. Before starting, the individual had to check the medical and equipment check, and that the ability to assess was assessed. It was a very technical race with snow, ice, rock rocks and steep mountainsides and it became a lot of thick fog. This required extra focus on security with control points that were manned with local mountain people.

Gives to charity

Participants in "The Canal Challenge" pay a participant fee of 1,000 Euros per race. The runners get points based on location every race and after two years the points are summed up. The winner then selects a charity or case that Canal-Aventure supports financially.

Implementation and reflections

I received an invitation from the organizer in 2015 to participate in a similar race in Lofoten, which did not fit into my calendar. In 2016, however, they would arrange a new race in Lyngsalpene outside Tromsø, which I thanked. It was announced with 170 km and a total of 7000 meters with a backbone and a 48-hour spell. Prior to the race and briefing, they had adjusted the traces to 140 km and a total of 9,000 meters of counter.

Canal-Adventure at Magic Mountain Lodge
Canal-Adventure at Magic Mountain Lodge

The day before start we were driven to Magic Mountain Lodge for accommodation and review of equipment and medical check. As the only norman I had to smile a little when the list of required equipment contained headlamps and bottles for two liters of drink.

Canal-Aventure :: Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: Ultra Norway Race

After a week of rain in the mountains, there was now hot weather, but sour and some fog in the mountains. At start i showed that there were a handful of good runners, but already before the first checkpoint I was well ahead, I thought ... I had together with two to three others gone up the wrong valley, so when I turned I had spent 55 minutes in the wrong direction . Then there was a bit of stress where we in vain tried to cut the distance to save on the lost time and to enter the race a little further ahead.
For me, it was after some fun and gave me some extra motivation to catch one by one and then lay behind the leader until we had run for fifteen hours. After that we ran together in the lead until we were going to take a boat over the fjord. When we got down the road in the middle of the night there was a cycling youth who, like others, had followed the race on the Internet with water before reaching the boat and checkpoint number six. In anticipation of the one boat used for transportation, I put on the floor in the booth with a sleeping bag above me and got some warm "Real Turmat" of those at the checkpoint. I did not get so much food, but some hot chocolate made my eyes roll. When I suddenly opened my eyes it was a motorbike and I see the boat with the person I ran along with, and his countryman who was in the third place disappeared into the fjord.

Canal-Aventure :: Boat lift, Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: Boat lift, Ultra Norway Race

I was not particularly annoyed by the sight as I was excessively dehydrated and some extra rest was good for the body. The boat trip over the fjord took twenty minutes, so the gap up to the two in front of me was tough to catch on the "scarce" distance that remained. Fog also lay well and well down the mountains, so it was enough for me to maneuver over the mountain.
At last checkpoint I had spent a total of twenty five hours and the next without food. Coca Cola had been my rescue, but now it was empty. At the checkpoint they were fully aware that I was a vegetarian so they suggested an apple, but it was not tempting. Then one spells that they have something bacon. For an inexplicable reason, this bacon was the solution to my digestive problem and after a few minutes I was very happy and ready for the last mountain.

Canal-Aventure :: Last Mountains, Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: Last Mountains, Ultra Norway Race

In the difficult conditions on the mountains, we benefited from the local mountain guides who directed us in fog. This also applied to the last mountain crossing and then it was good to be able to see Tromsø when I came down the valley.

Canal-Aventure :: Målgang, Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: Goal Race, Ultra Norway Race

At finishing point I ended up with 154 kilometers that were distributed at time 30:20:48. I was pleased with the third place with the good knowledge that I could have been a couple of hours faster.

Canal-Aventure :: 1 2 3, Ultra Norway Race‬
Canal-Aventure :: 1 2 3, Ultra Norway Race

Running organizers were in charge of the local mountain guides who did a great job in fog. In retrospect, I think the race should have been given as coordinates for GPS for safety reasons, but also as a guide for those who are not so good with maps and compass 🙂
The race tracks over the Lyngsalpene were very varied with good experiences, fantastic views and challenging grounds. I was dry on my legs for the top ten minutes when I switched stockings at a checkpoint. The temperature varied between three to nine degrees with rain and a little hail.