To the competition Yukon Arctic Ultra, 300 miles, I was prepared for it to be cold and assumed that it would be around twenty minutes as it was the days before the competition started.

The warmest was the start line with thirty seven blue and afterwards we had three out of six with fifty degrees of minus - in a tent !

Six days in a tent with -43 to -54 degrees I had never thought I should experience.
Yukon Arctic Ultra
In the competition we use the pulk to carry all equipment. My powder weighed about 24 kilos. In addition to the pulk we had the opportunity to get a drop bag at the control station in the competition. These were dredges that could contain equipment, fuel, spare shoes, extra clothes and food.
I packed quite similarly to extra clothes in the pulk and dropbag. The contradiction mirrored how the weather was at the forefront, but I had also taken into account the forecast as suggested down to minus thirty degrees.

Quick legs in netting

Because without boxing shorts, I chose Polycolon netting underwear that stays dry and provides a very good balance of temperature at high activity.

Dry and warm upper body

In both the pulk and the drip bag I had packed two extra shifts with similar underwear as described above.

In the competition

As it was extra cold in this competition, I dressed up three teams long sleeved sweater  and two teams with nettinglongs . This layer of team strategy with synthetic netting is amazing. It's thin layer that keeps you moving. The combination with multiple netting layers is airy and body temperature is easy. With a third layer of netting on the upper body with Arctic combatshirt I stayed hot seven days with temperatures between -43 and -54.
I did not change anything but boxer shorts during the six days the race went on. Reserve and extra clothes were donated to competitors who were in need and had poor clothing.