- is a lightweight glove with 9 mm drip and spikes to suit most people who want to run in wintertime. A similar shoe with lower profile and 4 mm drop, called Sarva D'vil, is made.
Sarva D'will be very good at short training trips, but as it has thinner soles it will be tough for the foot on long runs with hard and icy surfaces. Both D'will and Xero have terrain soles that make Sarva an excellent shoe in the woods when it's late autumn, early spring and muddy with still some ice and snow.


The shoe inner shape sits well around the foot, is good with padding. The outside is water repellent and has a good toe cap.
Sarva has a belt called Fitlock in its tie system. Fitlock makes the elbow of the foot extraordinarily good and the foot stays well in the back of the shoe box.
The sole is easily stretchable, has coarse and soft bumps that together give a good running feeling. There are a total of twenty star-shaped spikes that are distributed at the outer edge around the entire sole, and the middle part of the forefoot.

race Feeling

The shoe dampens well, provides good stability and is easy to run with.
On a skinny base, the shoe is comfortable and gives the feeling of comfort desired when running on slippery surfaces. Distribution of spikes on the outer edge of the whole part means that you also have a good and stable fastening in the downhill slopes. If it's the star's star design that makes it, I'm a little insecure, but on icey surfaces, the shoe drops a little while landing without it being uncomfortable. This is marginally small and has a positive effect on the extra stress muscle and joints get on this type of running with minimal friction.
When running in snow and terrain the knees give a good grip and the distance between the knees prevents snow from falling under the shoe.
The shoe is a good running shoe for mass training in wet and icy terrain both in spring and autumn.

Items that can be better

The post sole has a dense surface that creates condensation between the shoe and the sole. It is important to take out the insole after runners so that the shoe may dry well inside. If you are going to run for several hours, the option is to use other, airier and maybe a little warmer insoles.
My size: UK 9 (US 10)
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