Same comfort and comfortable fit as the Inov-8 Race Ultra 290 with well-rounded waistband and ample footrest in the toe box. The difference from Race Ultra 290 is reduced weight, another sole with 4 mm drop. The shoe sole seems a bit stiff and hard.

race Feeling

Inov8 - Race Ultra 270 is a pair of lightweight, good and sturdy shoes that are ideal for use on terrain and on hard footpaths, but can be tough for long runs. The shoe exhale and drain well. The middle sole is a little too thin and lifeless for long runs with a lot of catching up. Slips a lot of sand through the fabric over the toe box and is slightly stiff behind the heel. Personally, I think the Inov8 - Race Ultra 290 was a better shoe. Dice 4.
My size: US 10
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