I was always dreaming of climbing a high mountain and more preferably over 5,000 moh. And getting an offer of over 6,000 was not hard to say yes.

The story is that I was in Chile to attend Atacama Crossing in 2014 and got the opportunity to climb a mountain of over 6,000 moh. The offer came abruptly and the time was short. There was no time for any climb after the race (Atacama Crossing) as I had already booked a return trip. Atacama Crossing started just a few days later, so climatization was limited to a quick sightseeing trip the day before that went over 4,500 meters.

Sairecabor - 6.048 moh


Together with a local runner who was also a mountain guide, we agreed to try out a record shoot of Sairecabur in Bolivia. Sairecabur is a 6,048 meter high mountain between Bolivia and Chile. We started driving up to an agreed "parking lot" that was 4,000 meters above sea level. This was the starting point for previous records, but unlike others who had the help of other and deposited depots, we ran everything in their own right. The time we used from the parking lot was 2:37 up to the top of 6,048 moh. which was almost an hour faster than the previous record of climbing the mountain.

I went first part but the last party from approx. 5,900 and up to 6,048 became very heavy for me and in the last fifty meters I went a bit, breathed a little and went a little. At the top there was an amazing view to Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. In particular, it was looking out over the white salt desert in Bolivia.

Dizziness on the way down

From the beginning and all the way up, I felt a mild pressure in my head, but not something that caused problems. On the way down, on the other hand, I became dizzy and almost with the car I got the nickname Jack Sparrow for good reason. The reason was that I wentnot as if I was full but was still ready in the top.
It would probably have been easier to run if we had used oxygen bottles. 🙂