Tailwind is the powder that "includes everything" and easily mixed with posion bags and water. Tailwind is the best solution for me to control the body's balance of water and energy levels in long and adventure runs where it's hot.
In order to complete more daydogs in desert races, I have previously packed the bag of sticky sports gel, energy bars, jelly bear, salt sticks and ampoules with electrolytes. With Tailwind it's easy: mix the powder in a bottle of water and run ... all day

Tailwind tips

When I run I have Tailwind in their pouches. The day before the start of the race, I make a small hole in all bagpipes, squeeze all air, folds and squeeze them together into small compressed packs of tape. I use two 0.5 liter bottles from OMM that are attached to the shoulder straps on my backpack and before each day's grip, I pack day rations of serving bags into the pockets on the hip belt to the bag. At the checkpoint on the daydogs where we get water, I mix a half bag in each of the bottles. That's it! Depending on the heat and height, but as a starting point, I drink a little every quarter to have proper purse balance.

Why Tailwind?

Most of the races I participate in are over several days and we are self-sufficient with equipment, food and energy. We get to sleep in the communal tent and we are given water on the daytime runs. Many of the races are in the desert with temperatures over 50 degrees, and it is especially important to consume little energy and have a low weight on the bag. We adjust energy and tissue in the body by drinking water mixed with the right amount of electrolytes and salt contents, while adjusting energy intake with various gel, vingummi and ebarer. This is not easy to control when we run simultaneously, but is probably the most important element in this type of race. Finding an easier way to handle all of this I have not found before, but then I came across Tailwind by chance on the internet. I was a little skeptical when I read about the wonder where "everything" was in a pack of powder. After some communication with Tailwind, as well as recommendations by including ultrasound Sondre Amdahl, I decided to try. I have now used Tailwind as an energy supplement in multiple races and, among other things, at Atacama Crossing in Chile. Tailwind is simple: drain the powder in a bottle of water, drink and run all day!