A little summary after a few weeks of activity bracelet Vivosmart HR + from Garmin. With both GPS and heart rate monitor, all activity is registered and synced to your smartphone. On the phone or via your personal webpage you can analyze your historical data yourself - Garmin Connect.
Garmin Vivosmart HR + has a touchscreen with backlighting that is easily readable and continuously presents the data as registerers. Motion Controller and Intensity Meter will automatically identify and categorize information from activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc. With the Alarm function on Vivosmart HR +, both motion request and target achievement will be presented. So here it is both rice and rose that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
After testing the bracelet for a few days, I have to say that it is brilliantly easy to use. I wanted to evaluate the utility with the additional features where Garmin Vivosmart HR + is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This provides options such as iTunes control, weather forecast, phone call, text message, email, calendar and alerts from social media.

The vibrating alert to Vivosmart HR + from the phone was brilliant on swimming training.

Deaf and easier everyday life with Garmin Vivosmart HR +

A slightly different starting point for Garmin Vivosmart HR + test was performed by my colleague. The current colleague is deaf and has a working day where she uses sign language and writing through technical aids in her position as an IT consultant.
With the help of Garmin Vivosmart HR +, it simplifies and safeguards the working day by sending important messages and meeting invitations immediately with vibration and presented via the display on the wrist. By announcing important tasks immediately via vibration on my wrist, my colleague is able to participate in the department's day-to-day emergency preparedness plan, like other colleagues. At night, the Garmin Vivosmart HR + is possible to sleep well with the knowledge that vibration on the wrist will wake up and alert important messages. The Garmin Vivosmart HR + also works well as fire and evacuation alerts with its vibration function.
The Garmin Vivosmart HR + has a discreet and sporty broadcast that makes the device attractive for leisure use. Features like heart rate, GPS and activity measurement increase intensity in an engaging and fun way.

My colleague with hearing loss has after all got his own Vivosmart.

Easy to operate

When I was packing to return Garmin Vivosmart HR + to Garmin Norway, my wife asked to test the activity hour. She normally has no interest in technological "dibbed" but she likes to stay active and look at Vivosmart HR + was appealing.
With both gps and heart rate monitor on her wrist she immediately created her own Garmin Connect account where she could set activity goals, compare daily activities and pulse. Just a few days later, the matter was settled; This was both fun and engaging. Everyone who has entered a marriage now understands that there was never a return of Garmin Vivosmart HR + to Garmin Norway.